Friday, February 7, 2014

Status Report

I have spent much of the past several days preparing for and implementing our move to a new server. I warned you all that there might be interruptions in my mail service, but more importantly, I've simply been too busy to respond to bug reports during this period.

The move is not complete, but it is going well and the hard stuff seems to be done. I expect to have more time for actual work on Solitaire Till Dawn from now on. Soon I will go through my back email, and respond to all of you who have sent unanswered reports.

I have, at least, skimmed your recent reports. Your responses to Beta 11 have been varied: some users report success and satisfaction with the animation and other changes. Others have found bugs, some serious, which of course I will try to address soon.

Some of you have not been satisfied with the changes, even when they are working as I planned. I'm listening, and while (as always!) it's not possible to please everyone, I'll do my best to find a proper compromise.

Beta 10 and its follow-up Beta 11 were released in haste, because of the upcoming server change which unhappily coincided with the expiration date of Beta 9. Although some of you have been having some real problems with Beta 11, it will probably be a few days before I release the next update. I've had enough of rush and haste, and I want to try to make Beta 12 much more solid.

Thanks, once again, for your continuing patience and support.

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