Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gifting Solitaire Till Dawn

The holiday season is upon us, and I'm pleased to have heard from some folks asking how to give Solitaire Till Dawn as a gift.

Sadly, the App Store does not provide any way to do this directly. But you can give a sort of online gift card which the recipient can use to make purchases in iTunes or in the App Store, and you can tell the recipient that you had Solitaire Till Dawn in mind. Here's how to do it:

Open iTunes, and click "iTunes Store". (In iTunes 12 on Yosemite, this link is at the top of the window, just under the toolbar.) You will have to log in to your iTunes account, if you aren't already logged in.

Now find the "Quick Links" section, on the right side of the window, a few inches down from the top. Click the "Send iTunes Gifts" link. A window will appear with a form for you to fill in. Enter the email address of the recipient, and select an amount. (The smallest amount is $10, which is enough for Solitaire Till Dawn.) You can add a message to the recipient, and tell them about Solitaire Till Dawn if you wish.

And that should do it. Although it's an "iTunes Gift", the recipient can still use it in the App Store, to purchase Solitaire Till Dawn or anything else.

Happy Holidays!