Saturday, February 1, 2014

State of the Beta

As I write, it's the afternoon of February 1. Some of you who haven't kept up have discovered that your beta copy has expired. The recent betas still have a week to go before they expire; but it's been over a week since I put out a new beta.

Recently I wrote that I was engaged in a large undertaking, and that it would be a few days before it was done. That's still true. I think I will be sufficiently done within another day or so. I will then be ready to post beta 10, and its expiration date will be the end of February, or perhaps in early March.

But there's a hitch. Our download server began responding poorly this morning. It's starting to look as if it is having a network hardware issue. If so, it may take us a while to arrange a new download location for beta 10. We will do our best to see that you continue to have a valid beta to test, but if things really go downhill there's a chance that beta 9 will expire before we can get beta 10 out to you.

This blog site is not affected by the download server's problems. I will use it to keep you all up to date on our status.

Thanks for your patience, and as always, many thanks for your bug reports!


  1. Maybe I'm old-fashioned but I'm not happy with the design of the card faces. I wouls much prefer "realistic' cards like the ones that were used on the previous incarnation of StoD. Like the card back, royalty and background option features but its the card faces that one focuses on.

  2. So...since the groundhog saw his shadow, does this mean we'll be seeing six more weeks of Beta?

    Just JOKING!!! I am thoroughly enjoying being able to be part of the Beta testing.

  3. Me, too, Chris. I've never been a "beta" person before, and it sure puts a different light on gameplay. No bugs showing for me, in the limited number of games I play. But I do have a suggestion: I play pretty fast, and could use a little help with the "back one move" and "all the way back to the beginning" arrows. They are close enough together that when I intend to go back one move, I often end up having to wait for 75 moves to erase and then re-establish If they cannot be further apart, could they be different colors, please? Many thanks, and keep up the good work.