Monday, March 31, 2014

End of Hiatus

Although I did resume responding to bug reports and email last week as promised, I haven't been able to get too much else done since then. We had family visiting, a joyous but time-consuming week-long event that was followed by crashing hard and catching up on lost sleep this past weekend.

But now it's Monday, and this quick post is to let you know that I am back at work. A few details:

That Blank Card
Many, many users have reported seeing a blank white card that won't go away. Thanks for those reports, all of you, but I don't need any more of them. This is Bug 73 in our Bug List, and we will get it fixed sometime soon.

Crashes in b14
We think we know what's causing the remaining crashes, and we think we know how to fix it. It's a bit delicate so it might take a couple of days to get it right. Hopefully b15 will have the fix.

Snow Leopard Support
We've made progress, and we haven't given up. But we had hoped that we'd be able to make b15 the "Snow Leopard" build, and really get it solved; instead we've found that b14 still has a few important problems that can affect all users. So b15, when it appears, may concentrate on those issues instead; and if so, perhaps b16 will become the "Snow Leopard build".

As always, thanks for your support and your patience! We're working hard for you.

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