Bug List

This page lists all bugs that have been reported for all versions of the Solitaire Till Dawn beta. (If any are missing, we apologize for the omission, and please let us know.)

These are listed in the order in which we received them (more or less), and not in priority order. Nevertheless we will be attempting to fix the most urgent ones soonest.

We will continue to update this page as new bug reports come in, and as bugs are fixed and new beta releases are issued which contain the fixes.

ID Status Description
1 Fixed in b2 Does not run under OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard).
2 Fixed in b2 Occasional crashes under OS X 10.7 (Lion) due to incompatible method calls.
3 Fixed in b4, b8 No game window opens at launch. A partial fix was added in b4, and we believe b8 will put this issue completely to rest.
4 Fixed in b3 Asks repeatedly about importing old prefs.
5 Fixed in b9 On startup, some artwork is blank before being correctly drawn. This happens when you were using a custom cardback in the old version of Solitaire Till Dawn, and you import those old prefs into the new version. (Custom cardbacks will not be recoverable, but I will ensure that a default standard cardback is used instead.)
6 Fixed in b12 Sometimes the outlines of empty piles are not shown.
7 Fixed in b10 When highlight of playable cards is turned on, the playable card which turns up in a deal (e.g. in 40 Thieves) isn't always highlighted.
8 Fixed in b7 Playable cards which are dealt may not automatically go to the foundations when the "Autoplay Lock" feature is on.
9 Fixed in b10 Must wait for card to flip before trying to press ⌘A. Previous versions were faster.
10 Fixed in b6 Game clock starts immediately after "New Game". It should not start until the first card is moved.
11 Fixed in b5 "You win" notification appears even when turned off in the preferences.
12 Fixed in b4 Selecting a larger card size sometimes doesn't work. Card size is ultimately limited by the screen size: the game has to fit in the window. Large games can't use huge cards on smaller screens. Can't really fix this because it's not a bug, but I have added an explanatory notice when you ask for too large a card size.
13 Fixed in b4 In Montana and Addiction, redeal can cause a crash.
14 Fixed in b7 Grandma's Game: Assorted misbehaviors in the foundations. (See also Bug ID 27.)
15 Fixed in b5 Clicking the "Done" button on the All Statistics window sends that window to the background, but does not close it.
16 (Mostly) Fixed in b5 Game window does not remember its old size and location the next time you launch the app.
17 Fixed in b7 Grandma's Game: Incorrectly reports "stuck" when you can still move cards between matching foundations to create new options.
18 Fixed in b5 Unchecking "Start new game after win" in the All Stats window does not immediately change the "New Game" button to "Done", and vice-versa.
19 Fixed in b6 Many users find the "New Game" banner annoying and intrusive. I finally decided to just get rid of it.
20 Fixed in b19 The Game Info panel is not listing Family, Categories, or Variants. (This bug was originally reported in b7, was fixed, but reverted to unfixed in b18.)
21 Fixed in b7 Miss Milligan: clicking a foundation card won't send it to an available tableau. The card must be dragged instead.
22 Fixed in b16 The Towers: false "You are stuck" with an empty tableau pile and a King and Queen in the tower piles.
23 Fixed in b6 New Game causes the game window to move to the upper-left of the monitor.
24 Fixed in b6, b8 Suit symbols drawn too small on some Mac systems.
25 Fixed in b6 In some cases, dealing by pressing ⌘D fades the cards out, then hangs.
26 Cannot reproduce In some cases, the fade-out-then-in animation that accompanies a new game or a redeal doesn't happen when you first open Solitaire Till Dawn. Instead the game pauses for as long as the animation would take, and then instantly shows the new layout. Usually this stops happening after you actually play a couple of cards. (This doesn't seem to be happening any more, although I never did anything specifically to fix it.)
27 Duplicate of Bug 17 Grandma's Game: Incorrectly reports "You are stuck" when your only legal moves are between matching foundations.
28 Fixed in b7 Status bar text is hard to read; some users have requested an option for larger text.
29 Fixed in b10 All Statistics window should be opened at launch if it was open at last quit.
30 Fixed in b9 After switching to a different Player in the Players tab, the list of games in My Favorites does not change to show the favorites of the newly-selected player.
31 Cannot reproduce Some users report never seeing the "blue ribbon" in the status bar upon winning, if the preferences are set to "Tell me when I win". This bug may only occur on Snow Leopard (10.6.8).
32 Fixed in b8 In the Game Drawer, the topmost visible game in the lists does not display the Game Info panel when selected. For example, it is impossible to show the Game Info panel for Accordion.
33 Fixed in b8 New bug in b7: in Klondike Familiar (and probably other games) you no longer get a notification when you're stuck. This didn't happen in prior betas.
34 Fixed in b10 New records in the All Statistics window are supposed to show in red text, but not all fields do that.
35 Fixed in b17 Downward fans don't always use the full height of the window.
36 Cannot reproduce Sometimes the Game drawer overlaps the bottom of the toolbar a bit, and then the toolbar doesn't immediately redraw after the drawer is closed, leaving a white line in the overlapped area. Seems to happen when you select a game with a different window size. This bug now seems to have been fixed as a side effect of some other change, and we are no longer able to reproduce it.
37 Fixed in b9 On some systems, the rank "10" appears in a tiny font.
38 Fixed in b10 Sometimes clicking a font-size button in the status bar opens the All Statistics window instead of changing the font size. (Also see bug 78.)
39 Fixed in b9 Some users report being unable to quit Solitaire Till Dawn. This happens when the Game Info panel is displayed. Fixed in b9; in the meantime, just close the drawer before quitting.
40 Will not fix Solitaire Till Dawn will not run on older, 32-bit processors, regardless of the version of OS X being used. I originally thought that fixing this was merely a matter of build settings, but it turns out to have a major effect on the program architecture. Allowing 32-bit compatibility for older Macs would be a huge hit on the release schedule, and would greatly destabilize code that is currently robust and well-tested.
41 Fixed in b9 In the fully-opened Game Info Panel, HTML entities (such as “) are not correctly rendered. Look at the info for the game "Rouge et Noir" for an example.
42 Cannot reproduce A user won a game, taking more moves than his previous longest game, but the All Statistics window did not show the new longest-game value. Posted as fixed in b10, but reported in later betas. May be an effect of the "Score wins early" option, which scores your time and move count when the win is reported, without waiting for all possible plays to be made. If so, this is as designed and will not be fixed. To get full-game-length statistics, you must turn off "Score wins early".
43 Fixed in b9 A couple of users have reported that they get the same shuffles, starting from the same saved game, every time they open Solitaire Till Dawn.
44 Fixed in b10 If you elect not to play a new game by again selecting New Game without making any moves, your win streak for that game is reset to zero; also your total games played is incremented. Neither value should be affected.
45 Fixed in b12 When using the large font option in the status bar, sometimes the statistics for a game can be too wide for the available space, and they get cut short.
46 Cannot reproduce We have a few reports of suit pips that are too big and that get cut off by the top of the card. We believe this to be a font issue. We will try to enhance our font-use code to detect missing and substituted fonts, and cope in some fashion.
47 Fixed in b10 You-are-stuck notifications seem unreliable, not always appearing when they should.
48 Fixed in b10 In games that start with a card in a goal pile, the score starts at zero (should be one) and a won game ends with a score of only 51.
49 Fixed in b12 In Osmosis and Peek, you cannot insert a card into a foundation, so that it is underneath all the other cards. This move is legal and should be permitted.
50 Fixed in b17 You can drag an image file to a player in the Players tab, to use as that player's avatar. But you cannot drag an image, such as from a web browser; it must be a file from a hard disk. Also, dropping a file that is not an image file has the odd effect of erasing any previous avatar.
51 Fixed in b17 In the Decor window's Background tab: If you were using a tiled image for your game window background and you drag in a new image, then unselect the "Tile It" option, the image you just dragged in is replaced by your previous background image. (Workaround: unselect "Tile It" first, then drag in the new image.)
52 Fixed in b15 In Canfield and similar games where the empty foundations should display the rank of the first card that can be placed there, the rank indication does not appear at start of game. It may show up after another card has been played there. (Reported "fixed" in b12, but this one keeps coming back.)
53 Will not fix. In Klondike games that allow multiple trips through the deck, dealing when the deck is empty both refills the deck from the discards and immediately deals the next batch of three cards. I originally thought this was a bug (because my memory isn't perfect), but in fact it has always been this way. However see Bug ID 64 below.
54 Fixed in b12 In Penguin, the empty foundation does not display the correct rank.
55 Fixed in b12 Many users report crashes and freezes in b11.
56 Cannot reproduce Some users are seeing "ghost cards", card images that remain on screen in inappropriate locations. These can persist even into new games.
57 Fixed in b12 Rouge et Noir is completely broken in b11; it is not possible to deal from the stock.
58 Fixed in b12 Some users report crashes and/or misbehaviors such as the cards not appearing after changing the Decor.
59 Cannot reproduce In b11, sometimes cards that should autoplay, don't.
60 Fixed in b12 Decade is completely broken in b11; it is not possible to discard.
61 Fixed in b12 Selecting the menu item Play > Am I Stuck? when the game is won incorrectly shows that you are stuck.
62 Cannot reproduce Mount Olympus starts disallowing moves that should be legal, late in the game.
63 Fixed in b18 Game numbers in the beta do not always match game numbers in the old 1.5.1 release.
64 Fixed in b12 In Klondike and similar games that allow recycling the discards back into the deck, there is sometimes a perceptible delay between the refilling of the deck and the dealing of the next packet of cards. The delay can be long enough to make you think that nothing more will happen; then the sudden dealing of the packet from the refilled deck comes as a surprise.
65 Fixed in b15 b10 through b14 are simply broken on Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6.8). We can reproduce the problem on our own Snow Leopard machine, so you don't need to send us more reports about it.
66 Fixed in b13 Occasional crashes in b12 observed usually when using Undo All or Redo All on a long sequence. Difficult to reproduce.
67 Fixed in b13 Cards appear face down when they should be face up. This happens on Lion (10.7) in b12.
68 Fixed in b15 In Eagle Wing and some other games, especially on Lion, the empty foundations do not show the required rank until a second foundation has had a card added.
69 Fixed in b13 In Tournament, the layout is incorrect at the start of the game. This bug also affects the layouts of Good Measure and Hamlet.
70 Cannot reproduce Some users occasionally see an inappropriately "shaded" card. This is likely a graphics glitch: the shading is used to show a legal destination for dragged cards. Of course it should not persist or appear on a card when nothing is being dragged.
71 Fixed in b14 In Osmosis and Peek, undoing several moves and then redoing them may put cards back into the foundations into a different order.
72 Fixed in b14 In Mavericks (OS X 10.9), when you start a game from the Game Drawer and the new game fades in, a shadowed edge of the open drawer is visible but the drawer is not.
73 Fixed in b19 Occasionally a card shape, blank and white but with a shadow, appears in the game window. This happens when you click a card then click-and-hold the same card, rapidly.
74 Fixed in b14 Attempting to start a new game when your current game has not quite "settled down" can cause a crash. (To avoid this, make sure all cards have stopped moving before starting a new game.)
75 Fixed in b14 Sometimes a card that should be face up is face down. Bug 67 reported this problem and is now marked as "fixed", but the problem persists in b13. It happens when rapidly repeating Undo or Redo commands.
76 Fixed in b16 You can make the game window narrow enough that the status bar doesn't have room for all of its fields, and the font buttons and field labels can overlap each other.
77 Fixed in b16 Some games (TriPeaks is one example) can be sluggish. We have reports of general sluggishness in b13 and b14 for some users.
78 Fixed in b16 By user request, we offered a larger font in the status bar, and widened some of its fields. Now it's too wide for some of the smaller games. Fields may overlap, and the font-size buttons may not work. It needs to adapt better to the size of the window.
79 Fixed in b15 Accordion is unstable if you first click the "Deal All" button and then play cards at the front, so that dozens of later cards must "move in" to fill the gaps.
80 Fixed in b17 Maximize the game window (e.g. click the green dot at the left end of the title bar), then start a new game. The window reverts to the original un-maximized size.
81 Fixed in b16 In Manx you can be told you're stuck when it's possible to continue and win by moving a card out of the "tail".
82 Fixed in b22 Sometimes a game drawer is blank, with no games listed; or shows partially blank above the list of games. Scrolling, or closing and opening the drawer again, makes the games show properly. This happens on Lion and Snow Leopard, but not on Mountain Lion or later.
83 Fixed in b20 Opening the game drawer when the current game is already selected may show the game name highlighted in gray rather than blue, and when that happens the Game Info panel does not appear.
84 Fixed in b16 There is a generic problem in how the new Solitaire Till Dawn determines when a game is stuck: it may fail where the classic version would succeed.
85 Fixed in b17 Whitehead Easy would incorrectly report that you were stuck after the first time through the deck.
86 Fixed in b19 Occasional crashes during normal play, caused by aggressive undo via the Undo button, ESC key, or cmd-Z.
87 Fixed in b18 Undo to Snapshot, Redo to Snapshot, and Autoplay in progress would not stop when another undo or redo command is issued. After the fix: these will stop immediately when any undo, redo, or autoplay command is given, whether by toolbar button, menu item, or keyboard shortcut. As before, you can also stop these actions by pressing any key or by clicking anywhere in the game window.
88 Fixed in b18 Downward fans may compress when it is not necessary. Workaround until we get this fixed: Adusting the size of the window, even a little bit, will correct the problem.
89 Fixed in b19 Yosemite: While dragging a card, you can see a "white card" following a little behind the dragged card and trying to keep up. It catches up and disappears behind the dragged card if you hold the mouse still for a moment.
90 Fixed in b19 Yosemite: Text in the status bar is gray instead of black.
91 Fixed in b19 The mouse pointer does not always change back to normal, and may sometimes be invisible or appear as a text-editing cursor.
92 Fixed in b22 When early-win notification is on, a "deal" move that should win the game is not reported as a win. If you then immediately start a new game, the old game is not recorded in your statistics.
93 Fixed in b20 If you select the menu item File > Start Over... and then immediately start a new game instead of making any more moves in the started-over game, you are not charged with a loss.
94 Fixed in b20 The first time you play a game you've never played before, your statistics should show as something like 0/0 0% but instead seem to show nothing at all. One user reports not seeing statistics until he has won at least one game, although I haven't been able to reproduce that behavior yet.