Wednesday, June 4, 2014


A reminder: Solitaire Till Dawn BETA 18 is now available from our Beta Program page. See the previous post for details.

Apple this week announced Mac OS X 10.10, named "Yosemite". The release is scheduled for sometime this fall, but Apple has made a beta version available to developers. Of course we all want Solitaire Till Dawn to work with the latest Apple software, so I have installed the Yosemite beta on a spare partition, and begun testing Solitaire Till Dawn b18 on Yosemite.

The Good News
It mostly works. You can definitely sit right down and play your favorite game. Although I haven't had time yet for comprehensive testing, all features seem to be basically working.

The Bad News
I have found a couple of obvious bugs. I've added them to the bug list. (To see Yosemite-specific bugs, visit the Bug List page and search for Yosemite.) I'm also going to describe them here for you because I don't want a flood of bug reports telling me things I already know. Here they are:

Bug 89: Phantom Dragged Card
Update: I've got this one fixed for b19. When dragging a card, a blank white card will appear and chase along behind the card or cards you're dragging. If you pause while dragging, it will catch up and disappear behind the dragged cards, only to reappear and resume chasing when you resume dragging. It will disappear when you drop the dragged cards.

Bug 90: Gray Text in the Status Bar
The text should be black, of course.

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