Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year—and Beta!

We still can't tell you when you'll be able to buy Solitaire Till Dawn, but we are kicking off the new year by launching our beta program!

Beta means that Solitaire Till Dawn is nearly done (all the features are in, and everything works nearly all the time) but there may still be some bugs left to find and fix. By participating in the beta program, you can help us shake out the last bugs and get Solitaire Till Dawn ready for release as soon as possible.

If you've been itching to get hold of the new Solitaire Till Dawn, and you're willing to try a pre-release version, then we invite you to visit our Beta page by clicking that link or the one in the sidebar to the right.

Be aware that the beta version is time-limited and will expire in a few weeks. If significant bugs are found, we may issue further beta versions with later expiration dates.

When will it really be done and available for purchase? As always, we don't know. It depends on how well the beta goes, for one thing. For another, we are still awaiting some important artwork; and we cannot predict how long Apple will take to approve Solitaire Till Dawn for the App Store even when we think it's 100% ready. So please continue to be patient; and in the meantime, enjoy the beta. (We can't promise that you'll always have a non-expired beta until you can buy the finished version, but we are trying to get the finished version out as soon as possible, and we want to keep you happy in the meantime.)

Update: There's a bug in some builds of OS X 10.7.5 that can cause Solitaire Till Dawn to crash, and may cause other issues. Apple has issued a fix, in the form of a minor update to 10.7.5. If you have 10.7.5, please use Software Update to see if there's an update to 10.7.5 that you can install.

Update: We've added a Bug List page where you can see all of the bugs that have been reported to us, and monitor our progress in fixing them.


  1. Wheeeeeeeeee! thank you, Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!!!! And this is a good sign of things to come - I just won the first game I played :D

  2. Thanks! it is not a Christmas gift but it is a Three KIngs day gift, Thanks and have a very happy 2014