Thursday, December 13, 2012

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Just finished up the "you win" alert. This was not so complex as the All Statistics window, but it had its own little collection of picky details to get right: show on early win or not, according to your preferences; several relevant prefs checkboxes right there in the alert, for convenient access; and it will start a new game when you dismiss it, if you've selected that option.

Per ardua ad astra!


  1. I wrote you long ago with request that in the new version, you include ability to show 'card suits' as well as 'card numbers' on the tableau . Is that too complicated to achieve?

  2. Morning Rick,

    I just had to let you know . . . that I recently retired from teaching high school (in SF) so that I could sit at home with my feet up playing Yukon on Solitaire Till Dawn as long as I like but now I am quite frustrated. I guess I retired too soon. Please let me know when the program is finished, I'm returning to work until I hear from you.

    Thanks, Hugh