Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Version 1.1 is here!

As promised a couple of weeks ago, version 1.1 is now available for download from the App Store! (Well, in the USA at least. Other App Stores in other regions should have it soon.) This is a free upgrade for everyone who purchased the original release—and if you haven't purchased yet, the price is the same: just US $9.99 for more than 100 games and an unrivaled feature set.

For more info on the new release, see our previous post or visit Solitaire Till Dawn in the App Store.

And after you've tried out this new release, please take a moment to review it in the App Store! That will help us make more sales, which will help us continue to improve Solitaire Till Dawn and help fund our progress on the iPad version. Thanks!


  1. Since I suspect there are a whole lot of people like me who can hardly wait for the iPad version, is there a way we can help expedite that?

  2. Thanks, Mickey, but there's nothing you can do right now. But you'll be pleased to know that we're working hard on it, and making excellent progress! We'll try to put up a blog post about it sometime soon.