Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Little Progress Report

Back in February, we reported that we have an upgrade to Solitaire Till Dawn in the works, and that we had (just barely) begun work on a version for iPad.

Today we are pleased to report that the upgrade to the desktop version should be out either late this summer or in the fall. It will allow you to use your own photos to create custom cardbacks, it will bring back the popular Magnetic Mouse feature, and it will include several new kinds of solitaire, along with a few other improvements. This will be a free upgrade for all purchasers of the App Store version!

We are also delighted to report that we've now made some serious progress on the iPad version. Today, for the first time, we were able to play part of a game on the iPad simulator! That may not sound like much, but it means that an awful lot of code has been written and is now working.

We still have a long way to go, though. We still cannot predict when the iPad version will be available; only that it will not be soon. (Also please note that we are not ready for beta testing yet, and we are not accepting volunteers at this time. We haven't yet decided whether we will hold a public beta for the iPad version, as we did for the desktop version.)

Pricing has not yet been decided for the iPad, although we will likely offer a free, ad-supported version.


  1. I've received a report that comments aren't working, so here's a test comment. If it works, then I'm not sure what the trouble was...

  2. Thanks for all your hard work Rick. I can't wait for the iPad version: I’ll get even less work done!

    For anybody that’s wondering, in my limited testing, Solitaire till Dawn seems to work in El Capitan. Even full screen mode appears to work now. I'm sure it didn't in Yosemite.

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