Tuesday, June 18, 2013


A few people have asked me about Mavericks, the soon-to-be-released Mac OS X 10.9. (I'm going to miss the cat names that Apple has used for all their earlier releases.)

From what I've seen so far, there's no reason why Solitaire Till Dawn won't be fully compatible with Mavericks  I intend for the new Solitaire Till Dawn to work with any version of Mac OS X from Lion (10.7) at least up through Mavericks—of course I can't promise anything beyond that at this time, since we have no idea what future OS X releases will be like.

My last post went up only about 24 hours ago, but I have been working since then. I am writing the online help. Yesterday I spent mostly fighting with CSS, trying to get the pages nicely laid out. In the process I got the first few pages of help written in the new style; their actual text content I just copied from the old version, because none of that info had changed much in the new release.

I've learned some useful trivia in the process, such as how to write "⌘" in HTML. (It's ⌘ if you're curious.)

Today I'm starting to design the pages for stuff that has changed. So I have to write new text, but at least I've mostly got the formatting problems solved now. Onward!


  1. Hi. Glad to hear the health issues have abated!
    We , the faithfull, wonder if you will be issuing n upgrade for those fine folk who have parted out with cash already? It seems like 100 years (well, its probably 8,000 games of 40 thieves) since I first heard the name Holzgrafe... but we still love ya!
    with a new iMac sitting temporarily unused on my desk, the waiting for phone calls to be answered is suddenly so very boring.... please say you will issue an upgrade that works on 10.8 soon?????

    Thanks !!

  2. Glad to hear all is going well. We do appreciate all your hard work!

  3. Thanks, your work is appreciated. e

  4. I'm hanging in there, waiting. STD is the best.

  5. Still here. Ready. The substitute I'm using is crap.

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  7. Congratulation on Home and Health!

    Glad you are able to spend time on the best Solitaire game ever!

    We all anxiously await.